I Want to be a Realtor. It Looks So Easy.

Once someone finds out I'm a Realtor®, there are a few things they often say. The most common one is, "How's the market?" Another thing I hear all the time. "I think I'd like to be a Realtor®. It looks so easy." That's often followed up with things like, "You only have to work when you feel like it." and "You make so much commission." I understand why the public thinks this.

Realtors® on TV seem to just work a couple hours a day yet never seem to have any issues with money. Phil on Modern Family is one of my favorite characters, but that show is a comedy. It's not meant to be realistic.

Or how about the HGTV shows where they show you 3 houses, you pick one, and they make a big commission. Who wouldn't want that career? The truth is, those shows are all staged. Those houses are already sold by the time the TV show comes in. The work is already done.

Hopefully, you realize life isn't really like what you see on TV. There are so many things that make being a Realtor® a difficult career. Here are just a few things you may not know about what we do.

1. We work on commission only. That's right. We only get paid when a property closes. We don't get paid for showing you a houses or answering your questions or anything else on this list. When you close on a house and see us getting that commission check, please keep in mind a lot of effort when into it. Also, keep in mind, we don't get to keep all of it. We have to pay our broker, pay our taxes, and repay ourselves for the expenses that went into getting this commission.

2. We can choose when we work, but we end up working all the time. I've had clients call me as early as 4:45am and as late as 12:20 am. I nearly always get calls on every holiday, including Christmas. If you really want your phone to ring as a Realtor, go on vacation. I have clients who can only meet with me on the weekends or evenings, but most of what we do to manage deals needs to be done during business hours. I've honestly never worked this many hours in any 9-5 job.

3. We do a lot more than show you houses or put a sign in your yard to sell your house. Here's just a sampling of what else we do:

  • Help buyers get pre approved

  • Offer staging advice to sellers

  • Find properties that match buyers' criteria

  • Preview properties

  • Help clients find contractors

  • Research properties and find comps

  • Write and negotiate offers

  • Connect clients to various vendors for inspections, appraisals, etc.

  • Get insurance quotes for clients

  • Attend photo shoots, inspections, appraisals, and open houses

  • Follow up with lenders and title companies to ensure everything is going smoothly

  • Stay up to date on the market

  • Keep license up to date with classes

  • Marketing and prospecting for business

  • Blogging, making videos, and social media posts, etc.

  • Take care of any issues that arise on any of the transactions we are managing

  • ETC...there's a lot I left off of this list