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Should You Rehab Before You Sell?

couple calculating rehab costs  St. Petersburg Florida real estate
Renovation Costs: remodeling projects with the greatest return  St. Petersburg Florida real estate

Remodeling Projects
with the Greatest Return

How much work to do on your property before you list it for sale is a common delima sellers face


There is no easy way to know exactly what to repair or improve on your property before you list it for sale. A Realtor can help you make those decisions based on your property, your timeline, your financial situation, and the market.

There are some repairs that nearly any buyer would request after the inspection. Many of them are often not that expensive, so you may as well take care of it up front. By far the most common is minor electrical or plumbing issues.

Then there are updates/repairs that will help the house sell faster - for example, replacing worn carpet or fresh paint. You may or may not get all the money you spend back in the sales price, but the home will sell much faster with these items done.

Finally there are larger more expensive updates that can not only make the property sell faster, but can also greatly increase the sales price. Of course, these items are the most costly. Investments like updating kitchens and baths, new roofs, new AC systems, etc. can have a large price tag and a large return on sales price.

Paying for these high ticket updates can be difficult. Coldwell Banker offers RealVitalize to help with that. There are also companies like the Pit Krewe who will do the work up front but put off payment until closing.

Ultimately you have to get advice from an experienced Realtor and decide what works best for your situation.

What My Clients Say...

Barb is a dedicated professional with a great understanding of the local market. Knowledgeable and fun to work with, she made my buying and selling process a breeze, and was always available for questions throughout every step. Highly recommended!

                          Dave D. from Yelp!

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