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Why You Need a REALTOR


Why do you need to use a Realtor when you are buying a residential property?

(Hint, it isn’t just to unlock the doors.)


A Realtor wears a variety of hats throughout the buying process. It’s my job to ensure you are comfortable and informed every step of the way. I make sure everything gets done and gets done on time to try and minimize any problems and get you the best outcome possible. I’m the calm in the storm.


Consider me your Zen master.


Here is some of what I do during the buying process:


  • Help you get pre-approved for a mortgage

  • Find you a home that meets your needs and most of your wants

  • Negotiate the offer

  • Keep you on track to ensure you fulfill your end of the contract

  • Help ensure your escrow deposit is protected

  • Help you find a home inspector

  • Attend the home inspection

  • Negotiate any repairs

  • Communicate with seller’s agent, title company, lender and others

  • Finalize all loose ends for the closing


I have an ethical responsibility to my clients. I’m obligated to put your best interests first, and I do my very best to help make your home buying experience as smooth as possible. When you close on a new home that’s a great fit and a great value, I’ve done my job!

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What My Clients Say...

Awesome Agent: Barb Deggans is a fantastic Realtor. She is diligent and extremely knowledgeable. She made the home buying experience an absolute delight.

                                                 Eric Small from RateMyAgent

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