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I Like to Move it...

12 Tips to make moving easier Tampa Bay Florida real estate


  • Call the utility companies as soon as you know you’re moving.

  • Find a mover now. They can get booked pretty far in advance. Make sure to ask for quotes from at least three different companies and check their reviews.

  • Make donation pick-up arrangements for things you don't want to take with you.

  • Start finding boxes.

  • Stop buying as many groceries and eat what you have so you don't have to move it.


  • Don’t empty out your dresser drawers. Take the drawers out of the dresser, leave the items in there, and secure them by wrapping up the drawer in plastic wrap.

  • Leave your clothes on the hanger. Group them and wrap groups in large garbage bags or hang them in a wardrobe box.

  • Use your linens, towels, and other soft items as padding when packing breakables.

  • Use large items like pots to hold small items like spices.

  • Wrap plastic wrap around things that might spill.

  • Pack your suitcases. You can pack a lot of heavy or oddly shaped things in suitcases since their wheels make them easy to move.

  • While your TV is still plugged in, take a picture of the back of it so you’ll remember how to set it back up later.

  • Pack a bag of items you'll need right away so they will be easy to find once you move.

  • Mark boxes with the room they will belong in at the new house, and list a few important items in each box. This will help you find what you need until you get all unpacked.

Moving Day

  • Have a plan for little kids and pets.

  • Be packed up the day before moving day. Last minute packing can slow down your entire day.

  • If you aren't hiring movers, invest in a hand truck. It will save you tons and energy of time moving large items or multiple boxes at once.

  • Call on your friends. Pizza and beer afterwards helps motivate them!


  • Start with the kitchen so you can feed yourself. Then set up your bed so you can rest. The rest can get done as necessary.

  • Do a little bit at a time. Don’t stress yourself out trying to get every single box unpacked right away.

  • Get rid of boxes as you empty them. As soon as a box is emptied of all its items, break it down and recycle it.

Utility helpers Tampa Bay Florida real estate

What My Clients Say...

This was my first experience selling a home so I had no prior knowledge and not much expectation. I found Barb through a google search, interviewed her and was very impressed. She had a difficult task ahead of her because I had 2 homes in same area to sell and there were 5 sibling sellers (of which I am one) in different states . And I was hoping to sell fast. None of the many challenges we threw at her seemed to rattle her or slow her down! With her knowledge, experience and client base and incredible determination she got both homes listed and sold in a few short months!!! I want to also point out that in we live in a time when no one answers their phone and if you leave a message hardly anyone listens or returns your calls...not Barb!!!! She was always available to talk or text or call back very quickly. With the many challenges I faced getting all siblings to agree she was extremely supportive. She made great use of her and my time and technology to get the job done. Barb was a blessing to me and my family. She is a woman of true character and grace. We could not have done it without her. And you won’t either!!!

                            Joyf5 from RateMyAgent

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