Make Your House Pay for Itself

Are you finding it difficult to pay that mortgage every month? Maybe it's time to make you house start paying for itself. Whether you are an empty nester with rooms you no long need or you bought a bigger house than necessary, there are many ways to use that house to help pay that mortgage.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Airbnb to rent out all or part of your house to vacationers. As with anything else, there are rules involved with Airbnb. The

y have their own rules, and HOAs and municipalities have rules as well. Make sure you know them all before you start renting out rooms.

OK, Airbnb is an obvious option, but have you heard of these other ways to make your house help pay for itself?

Did you know you can rent out a parking space at your home?

CurbFlip allows you to rent out a parking space or driveway for events or whenever. You can also list parking for specialty vehicles. JustPark is another option. They seem to be focused on the UK, but they do have spots available here.

What about renting out a room, garage, driveway, closet, attic or shed to people looking for storage space?

Neighbor is a site you can list any of the above for free. They offer liability coverage and handle the payments.

Store at My House is a

n alternative. Their site isn't as user friendly, but it may be a better fit for you.

Are you tired of paying the pool guy to keep your pool sparkling? Well, there's an app for that.