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Does It Really Matter Who Your Agent Is?

Yes, it does!

Oh, should I elaborate?

As a listing agent I often get offers that are just not well written. It's usually easy to tell if the buyer's agent is new or inexperienced just from how they write and negotiate the offer.

I'm sure you can imagine who has the advantage in those negotiations and contracts. Often the buyer's agent doesn't even realize the disadvantage they've put their buyers at until it's a big problem. Of course, listing agents who are not well versed in the contract can make mistakes as well that can cost their sellers quite a bit of money.

Sometimes the mistakes are just a couple of words. On a recent transaction because of 2 words that were omitted by a buyer's agent, my seller saved $350 over what they intended to credit the buyer. I've seen deals where the buyer's agent forgot to request the washer and dryer. The buyer thinks they are getting them. They may have even been offered in the listing, but if it isn't on the contract the seller has no obligation to leave them. I know a few agents who have purchased washers and dryers for their buyers for this very reason.

Sometimes the mistakes have to do with the dates of the transaction. I've seen buyers (none of my clients) lose their escrow deposit over a missed deadline.

Inexperience can also lead to referrals to bad inspectors, title companies, lenders, etc. that end up costing the buyer or seller extra money or can even ruin the deal altogether.

I take my career very seriously. I know for my buyers and sellers this transaction may be the biggest one in their lives. That's a very big deal to me. I just don't see how anyone who is selling real estate on the side as a part time job or anyone who doesn't get regular, ongoing training could possibly be up on everything they need to know to do the best possible job for their customers.

There's a reason I have all those initials after my name. They all indicate the time and effort I've put in to being the best Realtor I can be. My certifications include GRI, PSA, MRP, RSPS and C2EX. In addition, I regularly attend classes and trainings where there are no initials awarded. I even became a notary just in case one of my customers needs that service.

So, yes, it really does matter who you choose to represent you in the sale or purchase of real estate. Do your research, then sign on with a great agent who will make the whole process so much easier for you because you'll not have to worry about every possible problem along the way.

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