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September Sales Brought Fantastic Buyers

I don't always remember to blog about homes I've sold like most other top real estat agents. I'm usually on to the next deal. I thought I'd tell you about a couple of wonderful transactions from last month, though, because the buyers were both such a joy to work with.

First, let me tell you about Lech. He was a first time home buyer who came to me looking for a condo on a VA loan. If you know anything about VA loans, you probably know they don't approve many condos. When you then factored in the other criteria Lech had, I thought we may have a difficult time finding something he liked. We actually found 2, and he just closed on a cute condo right on the water in Coquina Key. It met his needs, was VA approved, and I'm sure will turn out to be a fantastic home for him.

I wanted to post about this buyer because he was quite possibly the easiest client ever. Even though the search wasn't easy, Lech always had a smile on his face. He was always agreeable and a joy to be around. He's also a very funny guy, which made the time I spent with him even more fun. Even though he's an easy going buyer, I negotiated hard to make sure he got the best possible deal. He ended up purchasing under the appraised value with 2 credits for improvements and a condo full of furniture thrown in the deal. The process isn't always easy, but with buyers like Lech, it can be a lot of fun.

Next, there's Lori. Lori came to me interested in buying a house purchase was a huge challenge. There was an old inground pool in the back yard that was full of debris. In order for her lender to approve the purchase, we would have to have a contractor remove the debris and the pool and fill the enormous hole in the back yard immediately after the closing. This type of thing isn't unheard of in real estate transactions, but Lori's transaction came with what felt like a marathon of paperwork and complications to resolve and hurdles to leap. We had to find a contractor who would do the work without any money up front, and who was reliable enough to be certain they would meet the deadline. We had to deal with a seller who made this transaction much harder than necessary to say the least. In the end we were able to finish the race and get Lori into a home she is completely rehabbing. Some day very soon Lori will be living the Florida dream she wanted in a home that's just the way she wants it to be. I can not wait to visit her again when the house is finished.

Through all the ups and downs (and seller requests), Lori was a trooper. She never once got frustrated or upset. She listened to the issue and my advice, made her decision, and moved forward. As a real estate agent you just can't ask for a better buyer.

I think the thing that struck me about both Lech and Lori, and the thing that made both of these transactions so pleasant, was that each of these buyers trusted me. When buyers (or sellers) hire me then aren't willing to trust that I'm on their side and trying my absolute best to fight for them as much as I possibly can, problems always come up. As a consumer myself, I certainly understand why clients are hesitant to trust the agents working for them. But I have seen the same scenario play out over and over for years. When you don't trust your agent, your transaction is going to be difficult. When you hire someone you do trust and relax into the process, even the largest hurdles become no problem to leap right over.

Thank you to both Lech and Lori for trusting me and making jumping all the hurdles a piece of cake!!

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