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Crowdsourcing Your Downpayment

For most first time homebuyers, the biggest challenge to buying a house is coming up with the down payment. Let's face it, most of your income is probably going to pay your rent and your college loans. Who can save thousands of dollars for a down payment?

Even if you have friends or family who can help you, most mortgage companies make it very difficult to accept their help. The donor usually has to be a family member and has to submit financial statements, etc. making it a difficult process and just not worth it for smaller donations.

Here's a solution. Crowdsourcing your down payment! And it couldn't be easier than with Homefundit. Homefundit allows anyone to give you a little or up to $5,000 with no paperwork. They just donate on your site. They can even donate by online shopping from your site!

Homefundit will even match your contributions 2:1*

If you sign up with me as your Realtor, I'll match them, too. 1:1 up to $250.

*limits apply. See details on the site.

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