How Much Does It Cost to Add on a Room?

The popularity of HGTV and Pinterest prove that homeowners like to dream.

Since winning the lottery is limited to only a few people in the country (as are six-figure salaries), the rest of us need to be realistic. So what does it cost in the Northeast, NYC-metropolitan area to make home additions?

Based on prior jobs, we can give you some basic numbers on adding a room to your home.

Cost per Square Foot

When giving a quick estimate, we say it will be about $170-200 per square foot of addition. That includes:

  • The finished shell with roofing

  • Siding

  • Standard windows

  • Interior stairs

  • Standard tub, toilet and sink

  • Framed rooms with drywall

  • Basic electric and plumbing

It does not take into consideration:

  • Special windows

  • Appliances

  • Big tubs and large showers

  • Kitchen cabinets and cabinet pulls

  • Counter tops

  • Bathroom vanities