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Thinking of buying a house? First time home buyer? Not sure where to start? Start with me. I'm not your average St. Petersburg real estate agent. I'm a full-time, dedicated Realtor with an extensive amount of training. I take my career very seriously because buying a home will likely be the biggest investment you'll ever make. Let my clients tell you all about it.

Maybe you think you should just Google find a Realtor and pick the first person who comes up. Or maybe you think you should hire your neighbor's cousin who just got their real estate license. Or how about just using the agent who listed the house you found on Zillow? I mean, what difference does it make, right? Wrong! It could make all the difference in the world.

A buyer's agent works for you. It's their job to help you find the best possible house and negotiate the best possible price. It's their job to help insure you know exactly what you're buying, and that the contract to buy it is not set up to put you at any disadvantage.

Florida real estate can be a very tricky business. You should hire a Realtor with an extensive amount of training and experience to help you navigate it without hitting any pitfalls. A real estate agent who:

  • doesn't know the ins and outs of the contract

  • doesn't have experience negotiating deals

  • hasn't learned any more than the absolute basic knowledge to obtain a license

  • doesn't know about all the different specialty programs that may be a huge benefit to you

  • or has another job that demands a great deal of their time...

is not only not the best choice, they could be a very costly choice in buying your new home.

You can protect yourself by hiring a great agent. Just ask my clients.

Just a click can set up an appointment with me. Just a click can find you a perfect new home. Just a click can change your life.

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