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Do You Hommati?

Have you heard of Hommati? is a new real estate search site that's designed to help you search for and see homes from all perspectives including 3D interactive tours, virtual reality tours, aerial videos and still photos.

Wouldn't you love to pop on a VR headset and take several virtual reality home tours in an hour or 2 from the comfort of your own home...even at 2am if you want? What about what the house looks like from the outside? Well hommati has you covered there as well. Just watch the aerial video. You can see the house from angles you wouldn't even get to experience in person.

Let's not forget about the advantages to sellers with hommati. If buyers can virtually tour your home first, you'll be inconvenienced less with showings, and when people do come to look, you know they're serious about your home because they've already seen it at least once!

If your agent isn't on the cutting edge using new technology to help you sell your home, why are they your agent?

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