Guest Post: 5 Mistakes That Can Turn Your Downsize into a Major Disaster

Thinking about downsizing? That can be a wise move for many seniors, but if you don’t think and plan ahead, you could end up dealing with more stress than joy. So, if you are planning a downsizing move in retirement, here are some mistakes you should avoid.

Not Researching Assisted Living Options

Have you researched assisted living facilities ahead of your downsizing move? If not, you should seriously consider doing so. Because if you do not think about your assisted living needs now, you could end up going through the hassle of buying and moving into a smaller home, only to have to move again to preserve your quality of life. Assisted living communities provide seniors with the little bit of extra help they need with daily tasks of living, such as preparing meals or getting dressed. At the same time, these communities and facilities still offer a sense of independence, but you will need to take your time deciding which local community is the best fit for you. That can mean scheduling tours and discussing pricing with various facilities, which is why beginning your research early is important. Cost can be an especially important factor, although it shouldn’t be the only one, so make sure you confirm what average prices are in your area. A good place to start your search is with a senior living advisor such as A Place for Mom, which can refer you to 50 facilities of assisted living in the St. Petersburg area.

Not Knowing the Pros and Cons of Downsizing

This may seem like a given for many seniors, but it can be all too tempting to move