How am I Different?

I'm often asked in networking meetings and on listing appointments how I am different than all the other real estate agents out here. I decided it was time to post the answers in my blog...

I think it mostly boils down to money. I'm willing to spend it to build my business and promote my listings where many agents aren't. Here are some examples, but there are many more.

I send out an extremely professional lifestyle magazine featuring me and my listings. This is not a real estate magazine. It's full of interesting lifestyle articles and recipes. People request to be on my mailing list. It goes out every other month and is sent to my former clients, potential clients, business acquaintances with office lobbies (attorneys, doctors, financial advisors, etc.) I also give them out at networking meetings and keep some at the Pinellas Park Chamber of Commerce. Here is an example of a recent front and back cover.

Another way I spend money where other agents don't is on professional photography of my listings. I am a firm believer in presenting my listings in the best possible light , so I hire a professional to do just that. Now I've teamed up with to also bring 3D virtual tours, aerial photos and video, and floor plans to all my listings!

But that's not all. I also send out at least 50 Just Listed postcards to neighbors of the property. Why? Well most people know someone who would like to live in their neighborhood. Let's let your neighbors help us sell your house.

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