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Hello, Alex

I've embarked on an exciting new adventure you're going to love. It's called Hello Alex.

Alex is my new artificial intelligence virtual assistant. That's a mouthful, but all it really means is I'm much more available to you when you need me. It's like Alexa for real estate, but Alex is so much better.

Alex can answer many of your questions, relay messages to me, help us stay in contact, schedule appointments, and so much more. The best part is Alex is available to you 24 hours a day! I'm sorry to say, I have to sleep sometimes.

You can communicate with Alex in multiple ways, and Alex will remember your conversations and pick up right where you left off. You can find Alex right here on my website. It's the little orange chat symbol in the lower left side of your screen. Just click on that to start a conversation with Alex. You can also text or Facebook Messenger with Alex. Or you can switch seamlessly between all 3, and Alex will remember.

Alex will help me stay in contact with you via emails, voicemails, postcards, etc. If you need anything from me, just ask Alex. If you'd like to make an appointment with me, you can do that at the bottom of any page on my website, or you can just ask Alex to set it up. Don't worry, if there is ever an issue Alex can't resolve, the AI Alex will put the live human Alex on the conversation. Trust me though, the AI version is so fantastic, you may not know the difference! Why not click the chat button now and tell me what you think of Hello Alex?

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