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Simply the Most Incredible Agent

After talking to a few realtors the minute we met Barb we know that she was the one. Her main priority was to find us our dream home. When the first house we were in contract with did not pass inspection we were heartbroken, but Barb reassured us we would find another one we loved. Then after a few weeks looking we put a contract on another house. This one we did the inspection first which was not a problem but when the appraisal came it was $30,000 short and the homeowner was not willing to negotiate. Now we were back on the hunt again through no fault of our own. We started to want to settle for anything since we were so frustrated, but Barb would not let us. Our must haves started turning into "we could do without," and we even went as far as looking for less bedrooms and even villas and townhouses. Barb noticed our change in attitude and desperation to move before our lease was up, and she pressed forward with what we originally asked for. She was so patient with the whole process and consistently kept us on track to find our perfect home. We finally closed on a house that we now wake up in everyday and are so happy as it is perfect for our family. It is also much bigger and in a better location then the first 2 all while having EVERYTHING we wanted. If it had not been for Barb we are not sure where we would of ended up. I will only use Barb for all my Real Estate Transactions.

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