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Great Experience, 5 Stars!!

Working with Barb was a pleasure. She was always there to answer any questions or concerns. I bought my home from out of state and I needed someone I could trust and have my best interest. Highly recommended...thank you so much Barb!

Note from Barb: Lori purchased a home that needed to have a large issue corrected before the lender would agree to the loan. It was quite a task to say the least, but we got it done. I always say every real estate transaction is different, so I learn something every time. Well, this one was no exception. I'd say my biggest lesson on this deal was to just find a way to make it happen no matter how many times you hear it can't be done. Congratulations, Lori! I'm so happy we got you in your new home. I can't wait to see the place when you're finished with it!

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