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Mortgage Monday: The Importance of Pre Approval Letters


When you are preparing to buy a house, it is an excellent idea to talk with a mortgage planner before you start looking for your new home. They can help you discern how much you can afford and issue you a pre-approval letter.


A mortgage pre-approval letter is a written statement from your lender stating that you should qualify for a particular mortgage program up to a certain loan amount, but it does not guarantee your loan.


There are many reasons why your home search can benefit from being pre-approved for your mortgage loan before you start your search:


  1. A pre-approval letter helps you understand how much home you can afford. The lender will talk through your financial goals and discuss the best options available.

  2. A pre-approval letter proves to real estate agents and sellers that you are a credible buyer. Many sellers may even require a pre-approval letter to be submitted with a home offer.

  3. A pre-approval letter can help you stand out in a competitive market. If you submit an offer on a home against someone who is not pre-approved, your offer will likely be taken more seriously.

  4. Since your verification documentation will already be in place, a mortgage pre-approval should help speed up the process once you make an offer on a home.


In most cases, pre-approval letters are good for 60-90 days, so go ahead and contact a lending professional now and get ready to go house hunting!


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