Real Estate Things You Don't Know Part 1

After several years selling real estate representing everyone from first time home buyers to customers selling a house, there's one thing I can say for certain. Most people do not understand the real estate process and what role Realtors play in that process.

So I thought it would be a good idea to explain some things that you probably don't know. Unfortunately once I started writing, I ended up with too much for one blog post. So, today we will start with buyers, and tomorrow I'll move on to sellers.

Let's Start with Buyers

Many buyers are more comfortable on their keyboards and the internet than they are talking on the phone or in face to face conversations. So it only makes sense that your first stop in the home buying process is the internet. You most often begin by looking at houses online. You may not know any Realtors or don't really know where to find a Realtor, and you most likely have no idea why you would even need to choose one at this point. Your goal in the long run is buying a house, but for now you just want to look at the houses. That's great. However, when you see a house you really like and want to see inside or want to know more about it, what do you do?

Very often at this point you're going to click some button that says something like Get More Info. You have no idea what's going to happen when you click it, but you want more info. Well, what happens is some agent who is paying to get buyer clients from that site is going to get your information and call you. They aren't going to be the agent who listed the property and represents the seller. They aren't going to be someone who works for the website you're browsing. They're going to be an agent looking for home buyers to represent. They paid a lot of their hard earned money to get your information, and they won't make any money unless you use them as your agent and buy a house.

I think that's a point that needs to be made very clear. The agent who calls you doesn't get a salary. They work solely on commission. They spend many hours every day taking and making calls, answering questions, and showing properties to people who may or may not ever hire them or purchase a property. They often don't get paid at all for that time and effort.

Now you have an agent calling you, but you may already have an agent in mind you'd like to use.

Piece of Advice #1

If you have an agent you plan to use for the purchase of a home, have THAT agent show you properties and answer your questions. Do NOT click any buttons on web sites or call agents from online ads or call the listing agent. A big part of your a buyer's agent's job is to show you properties and answer your questions. If your agent is too busy to show you properties, get a new agent. When you have agents from web sites show you properties and you have no intention of letting them represent you, you are wasting their time and costing them money. Also, the agent who is going to represent you really should view the house with you to give you their advice and so they know all the details to structure your offer.