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Six Benefits of Exterior Painting

It’s a feeling of pride in ownership, a way to let your personality shine on the blank canvases that are your walls. So naturally you want to continue that same artistic expression on the exterior of your house too. But did you know that while painting your home’s facade is fun, painting or staining your exterior surfaces is also necessary, helpful and can save you money? Brush up on some of the unexpected perks of exterior painting and staining.

1. Prevents Termite Damage

Painting and staining seals off exposed areas that are prone to damage from termites and other wood-eating pests.

2. Protects Your Home From Harsh Winters

We all know the effects extreme temperatures, salt and ice can have on us, so just think about what your house goes through! A fresh protective coating adds a barrier between your residence and Old Man Winter.

3. Extends Siding Lifetime

Vinyl siding should last up to 50 years. However, everyday wear and tear can cut down on that lifetime. Painting can help to not only keep vinyl siding looking fresh, but also extend its life and keep money in your pocket.

4. Increases Curb Appeal

If you’re putting your house up for sale, a freshly painted exterior makes a world of difference. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your house, giving the exterior a refresh can boost the charm of your neighborhood.

5. Maintains Structural Integrity

Mold and mildew can break down the structural integrity of your home’s wood surfaces.

Unprotected wood is much more susceptible to water damage. If your wood surfaces go unprotected, they can absorb water from rain and dew and begin to soften, swell and decay, thus leading to replacement of boards or even entire decks or siding.

6. Saves You From Splinters

In extreme cases, you may be able to save your toes from splinters and even add a year or two to the life of your wood deck or patio with products that are meant to permanently seal and resurface wood surfaces.

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