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Great People. Great Food!

What a great start to my morning! After a quick workout (hence the clothes) I met up with my friends and business partners Brandon Harrell of Fairway Mortgage and Carol Ashman of Blanchard Insurance to discuss ways we can improve our team for our home buyers.

Then we discussed the beginning of FUN! That's all I can tell you about FUN for now, but stay tuned here for more info coming soon. It's going to be fantastic; I promise!!

The best part was the food, though. We met at one of my favorite St Pete diners, Skyway Cafe located at 11140 4th ST E in St. Petersburg. It's a little north of Gandy, and if you've never tried it you should.

If you love diners like I do, you'll be very happy here. TONS of breakfast choices. I have been eating here for about 4 years and have yet to order anything I didn't like. Today I ordered light because I'm trying to shed some of those in a happy relationship pounds. Even so, the food was prepared exactly how I asked, and it was delicious. Both Brandon and Carol said the same thing. Great food! Great diner!

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