November 1, 2019

This is when you should start working on that resolution, not in January. This is the time of year most people spend way too much money, use up all their savings, and run up credit card balances. Those are not the steps to prepare for buying a house.

October 17, 2019

Two people sharing their lives is a beautiful thing, but two people sharing their living space can get a little messy — both literally and figuratively. After all, combining two different sets of stuff, two different senses of style, and two different routines presents plenty of physical and emotional challenges. The good news is that once you figure out the logistics of moving in together, you can enjoy the many perks of having a romantic roommate, including getting to spend more time together, sharing the chores, and splitting the bills. Here are a few tips for a smooth move.

September 11, 2019

NORFOLK, Va. – June 17, 2019 – Frank Ramaekers III has turned away people who have paid to stay in his beach rental homes in Virginia Beach. The problem? They hadn't paid him, they'd sent their money to a scammer on Craigslist.

Ramaekers said it's difficult to turn away families with their cars packed full of luggage, beach chairs, umbrellas and toys. He asks where the crestfallen vacationers booked and the answer is always the same – Craigslist.

"Last year, I had an individual rent one of our homes for $2,000 for the month of July ..." he said. "It was all done through Craigslist and it was 100% a scam. They showed up and said they're ready to check in."

During the same month, a man and his family came all the way from Panama and claimed to have rented the home. The man became upset and aggressive when he found out he couldn't stay at the house and had lost his money, but the house was occupied by other renters at the time, said Ramaekers.

"I immediately knew they got scammed," he said.


May 20, 2019 – An Orlando Realtor who operates as a property manager was talking to a potential renter recently who said he had a felony conviction on his record. The Realtor turned down the application, saying he “doesn’t rent to people with felony convictions.”

A few days later, that Realtor received a summons/lawsuit claiming discrimination.

“There’s nothing in the Fair Housing Act specifically denying a landlord the right to reject an applicant based on a prior felony conviction,” says Meredith Caruso, associate general counsel for Florida Realtors. “However a blanket policy to deny felons can have an indirect impact on minority populations (disparate impact), leading the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to issue a statement in 2016 regarding criminal backgrounds.”

According to a University of Georgia study – one of the few that looked at race and felony convictions – 8 percent of Americans have a felony conviction on their record. However, in the black community...

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December 6, 2019

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